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Kellis, they/them, no idea what i'm doing. A disaster bi(-ro). Read my About Me for more


i'll get around to the ivysaur at some point to round it out!

Inktober Day 26: Dark

Inktober Day 26: Dark


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More Drawtobers (13-19)

13: The Forgotten 14: The Shadow 15: The Crowned 16: The Starry 17: The Jeweled 18: The Gilded Bird 19: The Sightless

I was sold the moment words 'golden gown' were uttered.

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reasons to watch carmen sandiego: girl pretty

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ok im convinced

autumn morning, 28.10.19

a combined prompt bc i aint got time lol - ft. the protagonist of a webcomic i'd like to make!

Inktober day 1. Ring

A fairy ring u_u

Decided to redraw a doodle from like 2015 and inked it cause the original one was too for some reason but I havent inked Anything in a very long time so its...... rough......... and I havent felt like erasing the lines yet Haha

Anyway shes a gijinka of a goat I have on an obscure pet site called goatlings haha. It's a cute site and I decided to revisit it the other day which prompted... this


I love Carmen Sandiego. I really love Carmen Sandiego.

Inktober Day Six: "Star"

I got bored of working in pen after this one. I'm not very good at it. Can't seem to figure out how to shade.

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Deer and doe

Idk why I keep posting things here since no one cares but here.

another npc, yeehaw

I'm not generally very good at jewelry but I'm pretty happy with what happened here ✌️

Inktober #18: Misfit

"Nobody likes spiders."

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Inktober Day 7: Forest Spirit

uhhh hey the destruction of the Earth's forests is Real Bad