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a combined prompt bc i aint got time lol - ft. the protagonist of a webcomic i'd like to make!

Decided to redraw a doodle from like 2015 and inked it cause the original one was too for some reason but I havent inked Anything in a very long time so its...... rough......... and I havent felt like erasing the lines yet Haha

Anyway shes a gijinka of a goat I have on an obscure pet site called goatlings haha. It's a cute site and I decided to revisit it the other day which prompted... this

Inktober Day Six: "Star"

I got bored of working in pen after this one. I'm not very good at it. Can't seem to figure out how to shade.

Inktober #18: Misfit

"Nobody likes spiders."



(haha, look at that! no background. dead inside. also, id like name suggestions pls :D)

sah dude (idk if i even like this one)

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mier -

9th art fight attack - character belongs to @misswow!

fight me >:3c

Leaking Out Hands

my oc Miss C Red again, its her time of the year

Inktober #3: Bait

If it's pretty, it's dangerous.

dv-art -

Inktober Day 1: Ring

im doing ingk tober... its happening. pretty literal with this one, not that theres anythin wrong with that. or with a self indulgent proposal phantasy

[ID: A black and white ink drawing of a pair of black hands putting a ring on a white one. The background consists of curved radial lines, scattered stars and waves, all of which converge at the ring. End ID.]

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One of the horrible winged creatures that suddenly appeared on the planet.

An otherworldly beauty that many have taken to calling Luxuria. Its presence enchants even those with the strongest of wills, turning them into its devotees. It shreds foes and disobedient allies alike with its unnaturally sharp claws.

It appears to hoard shiny items.

A doodle that i did in class. Ive been liking these islands

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Homebrew deity from our group: Vitae, the spirit of a young revolutionary, executed nearly two-thousand years ago

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my voice and throat hurts so bad please hit that thoughts and consider praying